Friday, May 4, 2012

Long time no see....

Long time no see....

It has been way too long since we have last posted, even the idea of updating on all that has happened around the house is scary enough to not want to start blogging again...but here it goes! As you can imagine a lot of things have happened so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Jenna and Heidi's girls have been learning Bible verses for some months now. Sometime in  March they got a premio (reward) which implied going to Subway in Santa Ana, a town 20 minutes away from Magdalena.
Here's Jenna and Fer learning how to order at a Subway :)

After eating lunch at Subway the girls enjoyed ice-cream downtown Santa Ana.
They all had a blast!

Everyone at la Casa Rota, together with the girls house planed a surprise birthday party for Pau and I (Geo). We all celebrated at Limon's "ranch" eating tacos. Then we had a singing and a bonfire. It turned out to be an amazing time of fellowship.
Singing around the fire.

The Casa Rota hosted all the ladies on campus for a shower party for both Steph's baby  and Kali's wedding
Here's all the girls! Is very hard for  us girls to find time to get together, so it was a great opportunity to hang out.

A few weeks later.....

Here's baby Ethan James Rink!!!

We thank Zach, Adam and Seth for taking care of the kids while we had some girl time!

Looks like all the kids came back alive and well.
 Perla turned 5!
Here's Perla and her two brothers on her birthday.

Perla was so excited about her papaƱos (birthday) she smashed her face in the cake with no help!

The kids played making mattress sandwiches :)

Raquel planned a sidewalk chalk contest and every house on campus participated. It was super fun. Some houses had planned their designs ahead of time and came all prepared while others allowed for spontaneous inspiration. The kids at La Casa Rota painted their silhouettes.
The silhouettes started with the biggest kids to the smallest.
Keila and Leobi painted right next to each other.

Mili ate paint most of the time.
Can't deny that she ate some!
Osmara demonstrating her artistic abilities.
Tadeo being all guapo (cute) with his bandanna.

All the kids from the house lined up on top of their silhouettes.
Jenna's mom and grandma came to visit for a week.

 The kids loved having them around. They worked on making blankets for all of Heide and Jenna's kids.

The girls helped out too!

We celebrated Jenna's birthday with Jenna's mom and grandma. Mili got to do the "mordida"  instead of Jenna.

We got a new cement pad on the side of the house thanks to Adam and the work team! 

Adam working really hard while the kids watch. We are so thankful for makes us want to grill more often. Now we have a place to keep the trash bins, the grill and Tadeo's wheelchair!

The kids had Spring Break the first weeks in April. They participated in an obstacle course and had a great time.

Leobi did the obstacle course with Fede's help. Thanks Fede, you are such a  big brother!

We also went on a picnic and it turned out to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience with the kids! 

Heidi with Leobi, Mili and Tadeo.

The kids loved eating "papitas" (chips).
Leobi turned 4!
Leobi is now a big boy! 

He got a big boy bike and now he spends 90% of his time on it :)
Heidi and Jenna's kids went to the children's science museum, La Brbuja, in Hermosillo. 
Belinda forgot to fix her hair before leaving the house ;)

Jenna, Fer and I in the mirror room.

We all left our mark at the museum....can you find each of our faces?
Heidi's mom and sister-in-law came to visit during Spring Break and came with us to the museum.
Jenna and Heidi's kids outside of the museum. The kids had so much fun getting to know Heidi's family!

 And just when you thought we were done with birthdays....It's Keila's 4th birthday! 
Just about to blow her candles.

She got new sun glasses and a play kitchen set among other things!
Now I leave you with three pictures...
Mili's new most favorite facial expression....this means NO!

A walk down memory lane...
Here is a comparison between now and a picture taken less than a year ago. It is a good reminder of God's faithfulness in everyone of these kids! We are also reminded of God's miracle in the life of Mili!


  1. Geo-
    You are awesome! Thanks for getting this update together. Mili's "no" face was so perfect!!

  2. Goe, thanks so much. Wow, it is sooooo good to hear from you all again. Thanks for taking the time to update us. We really do appreciate it, even though it makes me want to visit again!

    mom mueller