Friday, March 16, 2012

La Clinica

Thanks for all the prayers. Tadeo's visit to the clinic went smoothly and it the day was a blessing. We had a lot of questions answered and were able to meet with a pediatrician, ortho MD's, and we set up an appointment with a speech language pathologist next month. Also, next month we have appointments for physical therapy, occupational therapy and a nutritionist in the States. Wow, what a blessing!

Tadeo and I after we crossed the border! I made the really "wise" decision to carry him instead of take his wheelchair in....and I paid for it. There is a special line for wheelchairs that had no wait...instead Nicole or I held him the entire hour it took to get across :) 

The car ride to the clinic (we picked up a "few" people along the way). Tadeo didn't care less that he was in the U.S....he just was happy to look out the window. 

Tadeo visiting with another boy at the clinic. It was cool to see the kids interact with each other. 

Tadeo waiting in line to see a doctor...they gave him a little stuffed animal to take with :) 

Tadeo's Permission to be in the U.S. for the day. 

The clinic overall serves about 250 people in one day, and MD's, therapist and other volunteers come from all over (our otho MD was from California). We arrived at the clinic about 730am and received our number to wait in line 118 ... I was sure it was going to be a long day, but the were well organized and we didn't wait around that long.

It definitely was interesting to be on the other side of a clinic. I have been humbled with the opportunity to be involved with several other clinics in the volunteer role, but I feel like I have been given a new perspective on how it feels to be on the "recipient" side.

Overall, I praise God for his provision in this and the opportunities for Tadeo. In the future, we are prayerful for the opportunity to travel to Tucson.

A friend of Samuel and Szabina (a couple from Hungary who are with us) have a friend in Tucson who is willing to offer Tadeo an intense therapy program this summer. We are prayerful about the details and how it would actually work out. I think the biggest obstacle would be getting permission to go to the states for 3 weeks. Definitely something for the prayer list J

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