Sunday, February 26, 2012

San Andres Clinic

Its finally here!
This Thursday, Lord willing, Tadeo will be traveling across the border to a clinic in Nogales. The clinic is run out of a church and provides medical consultations for children from Mexico. I am ecstatic...Nicole, MamaD and myself will spend the day in the states with Tadeo. 

I'm not sure what to expect. In my typical fashion, I am super excited and have like 1000 questions to ask, but well see how things go. 

Please pray for a smooth border crossing and understanding/patient health care providers at the clinic that day. 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

A weekend in the lives of La Casa Rota children.

 The kids had a ton of fun this weekend with some visitor at the house, a cookout, and Sunday supper.

Joe Mama fixed the wagon a few weeks ago and the kids love it!

The biggest fans are Leobi and Tadeo. It's awesome to see them play together!

We now have a frequent visitor at the house! Lidia is Samuel and  Szabina's baby girl. They all moved from Hungary to CVE about a month ago and live in a recently acquired house very close to ours. Samuel helps with construction and Szabina is in the process of learning Spanish. We love to have them around the house!

Benny came over for a little while on Saturday morning to play with Jorge.  Jody and I were appreciating the birds right outside the house while they got wet with the water hose. They are such boys!

This weekend was Joan's birthday so we celebrated it with a foot-base game followed by an all campus cookout.

Jazany and Belem are really good friends and love to hang out whenever they get a chance.

Samuel treated the kids to a ride on the Gator. Check out Tadeo's excitement! There are two things that Tadeo loves the most: rides on the wagon and rides on the Gator, especially if the driver hits some bumps.

Perla and Fer ready for the ride.

We had amazing hamburgers for the cookout. Jenna and Jody helped prepare the food and  had a great time along the way.

After lunch, Osmara helped to do the dishes and "accidentally" got wet  with the help of  Jenna, Jessica, Jodi and Seth.

Tadeo demonstrating his skills to pick up the girls!

Belinda and Nere are great friends too. 

Mili looked so cute for church!

Osmara, Keila and Lydia on the tricycle.
Osmara loved taking Lydia on a ride.

Keila having a blast on the swing. She was showing off how good she was getting at pushing herself and how close she was to touching the roof of the house!

Leobi and Jorge playing with Joel after supper on Sunday.

These two kids love rough play, but one does more than the you wanna guess who?

Rough play scene #1

Rough play scene #2

In spite of the few tears that Jorge shed, all the kids had a great time and we did too. We praise the Lord for such a blessing!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

El Dia de Amor y Amistad

Love and Friendship Day.
I like the Mexican version of Valentine's Day much better. 

It has never been a big deal to me, but this year with so many older girls, we wanted to make this day special.  Heidi had the great idea of decorating cookies and then passing them out to widows in town.  

 Belinda enjoying shaking out the sprinkles.

 Some think that more is better.  Not so true with kids and sprinkles.

 I like the broken heart!  :)

 Belem and Belinda with the cookies ready to deliver.

Can you tell that kids decorated these hearts?

Monday, Bill was amazing and took the older girls out for lunch.

Needless to say, they loved it!!

Heart-shaped pink pancakes :) for breakfast on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday afternoon, we had two other girls over, and we all did hair and got ready for dinner.
(I stole these pics from Rocky) I think that by this time I might just have been sick of all the festivity because I stopped taking pictures.

Geo doing Mari's hair

Candles (thanks to Steph and Rocky) plus a random box of red decorations that I found made the night complete.

It was a good day, especially for the girls, but I think that most of us would gladly wait another year for this day to come around again. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jorge + Leo = Opposites!

Meet Jorge and Leo:
This pair is the oddest duo that you will find in the Casa Rota.

On the left: Leo...Cowboy to the core...110% boy...Goes at life full speed with no fear...Will be found in cowboy boots & hat 95% of the time...Lives in the 'front side' of the Casa Rota

On the right: Jorge...Prefers the 'skater/punkish' style...Thrilled by new clothes...Apprehensive about anything new...Clean freak...Lives in the 'back side' of the Casa Rota

Get the picture?  These are the Casa Rota's little men (plus Tadeo). They could be more different, yet they are best buds. They are absolutely adorable when playing together. Leo knows just how coax Jorge into being 'adventurous'. Hopefully, Jorge will civilize Leo a little over time. But for the time being, they are best buds...Chasing, laughing, clowning around, ridding in little wagons, holding their own against the girls...and making us laugh at their extreme differences.

We pray that one day our little men will grow into big men. Big godly men. Who love God with all of their being. Who hate sin. Who serve the needy with compassion.
Please pray with us.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tadeo's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Tadeo's 7th Birthday

I (Heidi) have very few cake decorating skills, and I tried to do this horse scene. However, the icing wasn't turing out and I couldn't figure out what to it urned into a brownie and sprinkle decorated cake, with horses stuck in it. 

Kids singing to Tadeo down in the comedor. 

Not even Tadeo is exempt from mordita!

At first he kinda liked it...

Then, his emotions took over. I'm not sure why, but this kid goes from laughing to crying so easily. I'm not sure if he just doesn't comprehend what is going on, or if he is just overwhelmed. Who knows, but I hope we can get it figured out. 

Honestly, his face full of cake doesn't look much different then how he normally looks when he eats.

Opening presents in the house. 

Bubbles (I was in the background trying to get him excited about them)

Ahhh Birthday bliss. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Candid shots around the house.

A week ago I borrowed Raquel's camera to take some candid shots of the kids. These are a few of the pictures that I took of the kids.

 Here's Osmara in the kitchen who got a little shy after noticing the camera.
 Jenna and I went secondhand store shopping around town and brought a few clothing items for the kids to try out. Perla and Osmara were super curious to see what we got.
 Let me just say that Leobi knows how to pose for the camera. We call him our vaquerito (cowboy).  
 A sweet moment between Jenna and Osmara
 Take two
 Mariela could not resist the temptation of joining Osmara and Jenna for the picture.
 Jodi tickling Perla

 Perla called so that I would go outside to check out her jumping rope skills. 
 This is how Tadeo looks like whether you let him grab the fork or not. It almost doesn't matter what he eats this is how it all ends up! 

Do you want to clean me up?
 Mili loves to clap. She claps right after praying for her food, while eating or anytime she thinks she's funny.
 Check out Tadeo's ride.
 I think this little one is in major need of a bath.
 "I love this!"

The kids are pretty good at finding ways to entertain themselves. They discovered how fun it is to jump on a mattress especially if you propel yourself from a couch. 
 Here is Fernanda attempting an Olympic medal jump.
 Leobi being the macho little men that he is had to show off his bravery and gave it a try as well.
 Jodi's gang as they headed out for Sunday supper.
 Mili "playing cards" with Kali
 Jorge is our other little guy of the house. 
 Tadeo had a little meltdown after supper but he got over it pretty quickly with a hug from Bill.
 Horse-back riding buddies.
 Perla ready for church.
Leobi playing in the front porch.